ŻС繷֡ͧ... HR ҧҪվ (The Art of Internal Consultant)
  úçҹѾҡѺ (HR for Professional Line Manager)
  Ż '䢤Ѵ駷ҧҧҧäԧԵԷ' (Psychological & Creative Emotional)
  ҧäؤԡҾСê... HR Ҫվ (Build up Personality and Commu)
  ֧ҾѲҾѡҹçش...෤Ԥ Competency (Direct to the point on HRD through Competency)
  Ѻط...çҹ HR ԡĵ (HR Management in Cricis : Show Case)
  Ropes Course Activity : Adventure-Based Learning for Team Excellence and Leadership Development
  èѴἹѲҾѡҹºؤ (IDP)
  úçҹ HR ԧء
  Competency - Based In Practice
  Competency-Based Human Resources Management
  Career Development and Succession Planning
  Talent Management: Identifying, Developing and Promoting Your Best People
  Performance Management System
  Excellence Performance Feedback
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