Ż '䢤Ѵ駷ҧҧҧäԧԵԷ' (Psychological & Creative Emotional)
  ѧ 'úá¹ŧ';ѲҤҷ (Enhancing Change Management Capability)
  äԴ͡ͺҧἹԺѵԡҧҧä (Out-of-Box thinking for Creative Action Plan)
  ѧѡ èѴӴѺӤѭ ͡腡÷ӧҹҧջԷҾ (Build up First Thing First Skill)
  ԴҧäСäԴ͡ͺ (Creative Thinking & Think out of the box)
  ѧ觤Դԧǡ㹪ԵС÷ӧҹ (The Power of Positive Thinking)
  شѧ 'Դԧǡ' ...'÷ӧҹ繷' ҧջԷҾ (Build up Positive Thinking)
  شѧҧçѹ㹵Ǥس...ͤ㹪ԵЧҹ (Spark Up Inspiration for Success in Work)
  طѭСõѴԹԧҧä...ѺҪվ㹡÷ӧҹ (Creative Problem Solving)
  Ropes Course Activity : Adventure-Based Learning for Team Excellence and Leadership Development
  úäԴԧǡ;Ѳҡ÷ӧҹ (Positive thinking that improves working performance)
  Ҵ㹡ÿѹػä㹡÷ӧҹ (Adversity Quotient (A.Q.) at Work)
  Ż 'èѴ :: E.Q.'ͤ㹪ԵС÷ӧҹ (The Art of Managing E.Q.)
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