ͧȴ...ҧջԷҾ (Communication is Key to High Performance Company)
  ͧ....¡âͧ÷çԷҾ (Communication of Leader)
  ѡҾùʹ...㹪ԵЧҹ (Build up Smart Presentation)
  ¹ѧ...͡÷ӧҹҧջԷҾ (eMail Writing @ Work :: Enhancing Writing Skill)
  ෤Ԥâ§ҹ...ͻԷҾФѹ㹡÷ӧҹ (Cross-functional Commu)
  ѧѡ '¹㨼...Ѻ㹡÷ӧҹ (Understanding Others Skill)
  ؤԡҾС...ح㹧ҹ (Personality and Communication Improvement)
  ؤԡҾС...ح㹧ҹԡ (Personality and Communication Improvement)
  ط 'ùʹἹСèҵͧҳШӻ' ҧçԷҾ (Presentation & Negotiation Skill)
  Generation Gap: Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace
  Ropes Course Activity : Adventure-Based Learning for Team Excellence and Leadership Development
  Train the Trainer
  Dealing with Difficult People
  Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success
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